/> ...(Next,) The ancient brazier hummed with xtremely modern circuitry. A sphere of dark sheen and refraced silence xpanded until it filled the parlor, aquifying the kitchen noises. Lastly, a piebald light above the brazier morphed into a carp. A carp? Hover over any element to pause animation A carp, as in the fish. A numinous, pearl- and- tangerine, fungus- blotted, mandarin- whiskered, half- meter- long carp. One lazy slap of its tail propelled the fish toward me. Roots of water lilies parted as it moved. Its ancient eyes read mine, its lateral fins rippled. The carp sank a few centimeters to read my collar, and I heard my name spoken by an old man. from "An Orison of Sonmi-451", Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. Styled && coded by Lillie Bahrami